Knighthood is defined as self-discipline, generosity and courage.
Anyone who does not the firm will to develop and to master these behaviours in his life will never be part of this brotherhood. The zeal for renunciation, in this greedy society, the sincere engagement towards the week and the unprotected, the brave fight for justice and for peace are the traits of the Order.
The link with Jerusalem, which is clearly obvious, and responsibility for the Holy Places direct our wishes towards the celestial Jerusalem (Gal. 4/26).
The Holy Sepulchre is the symbol of the common passion with Jesus and also represents our hope of Resurrection (Phil. 3/10).
The Cross we bear is not a jewel, but proves our submission to the law of the Cross. The shape of the Cross used by the Order reminds us of the Lord's wounds and also of the wounds from which the Holy Land is bleeding.
The Pilgrim's Shell reminds us of the committiment towards the poor and that we are pilgrims on this earth.
Moral behaviour and Christian sentiment are the primary requirements for the admission to the Order. Practice of the Christian Faith must be shown within the family, in the work place, in obedience to the Holy Father and by taking part, within the parish, in Christian activities.
The Order requires from its Knights:
-religious devotion;
-participation in Church activities;
-secular apostolacy, availability to serve the Church;
-care for the Ecumenical spirit especially via a real interest in problems concerning matters of faith in Palestine.
The particularity of the Order lies in its commitment towards the Holy Places and in the duty towards Palestine. The charitable action of the Order has its roots in each member's spiritually.
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